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关于 LaZior 公司

LaZior 成立于 2014 年,是马来西亚知名健康食品品牌。曾荣获国际消费者协会颁发 “世界金鼎领导大奖”。旗下产品及代理遍布马来西亚、新加坡、澳洲、印尼、文莱、香港及台湾等多个国家与地区。

为迎合现代人注重 “身材、健康、养生” 的理念;LaZior 公司产品皆采用优质的天然原材料进行配制。提供大众一个注重 “品质、包装、效果” 的最佳营养补充方案。产品不仅拥有多项食品安全认证;更提供了百万责任保险让顾客能够安心服用。

自 2016 年起,LaZior 就积极拓展本地市场与出口业务,以满足不断增长的市场需求。尽管公司业务已逐渐走出马来西亚,迈向国际市场;但依然秉持着 “把最好的产品带给每一位顾客” 的精神。因此,所有产品都拟定了严格的生产标准作业程序,并统一在马来西亚的生产总部进行生产;以确保生产的每一个产品,都是 “最好的产品”。

Founded in 2014, LaZior is a well-known health food brand in Malaysia and has won the “Worldwide Golden Tripod Leadership Award” by the International Consumers Association. Its products and agents are distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

In order to cater to modern people’s needs that focuses on health and wellness, LaZior’s products are all formulated with high-quality natural raw materials. It provides the public with nutritional supplement that focuses on “quality, packaging, and effect”. LaZior’s products are not only certified with various food safety certifications; it is also insured with 1 million product liability insurance so that customers can take consume with peace of mind.

Since 2016, LaZior has been actively expanding its local market and export business to meet the growing market demand. Although the company’s business has gradually moved out of Malaysia and into the international market, it still adheres to the spirit of “bringing the best products to every customer”. Therefore, all products have been adhered to strict SOP production to ensure that every product produced is “the best product”.

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